TCGPrice is an investment tracker that helps users visualize their financial positions in the collectibles market. Users will be able to track their portfolio using up-to-date, real-time data from several online marketplaces. Whilst there are several applications available today that offer the ability to track your buying and selling, TCGPrice will be the first in history to allow you to monitor you trading and grading too – transaction types exclusively unique to the collectibles industry.


TCGPrice is TCG Fintech Solution's debut in the software technology sector. In 2018, Founder Aymen Bou, created a simple python script in his dorm-room at college to help him monitor and track the trading card market.

❝There came a point where my trading card investments were outperforming my stocks❝ - Aymen Bou

As he began devoting more and more of his time, investing in collectibles, he realised just as software had helped him grow his portfolio in the stock and crypto industry, it could do the same for trading cards. However, this time was going to be different - he would have to create the software first.


  • Get live access to the price movements of +13,000 trading cards, 130 cardsets and access more than 40 million auctions spanning a 7 year history.
  • Get a clear overview of your total portfolio balance, profit & loss during various time periods.
  • See your investments and trends in one place regardless of whether you have just one portfolio or more.
  • With its dynamic capabilities, analytics are monitored at each level, whether you want to track how a particular card or cardset is performing, an entire portfolio, or your account as a whole.
  • TCGPrice’s asset metrics push the boundaries of what other investment trackers are offering. Your current position, market value, % change, (un)realized gains all available at your disposal. All your portfolio holdings, integrated into a beautiful view of the core market details.
  • TCGPrice's notification algorithms are best in class. Notifying you only when a significant change has happened for an asset you follow. No delays, always in the know.

TCGPrice Media Kit

To help tell the story of TCGPrice we’ve compiled a selection of brand assets and information, all in one handy download. You’ll find logos, icons and app screenshots.

Download all files (via Google Drive)