Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to your most asked questions.

Can I buy or trade with TCGPrice?

You cannot trade or buy with the TCGPrice app, it's merely a portfolio app to track purchases & trades you made elsewhere. :)

Is TCGPrice an exchange or a wallet?

Is it an exchange? Is it a wallet? No! It's a portfolio management app.

What's next for TCGPrice?

Check out our blog or follow us on twitter for the latest updates about TCGPrice.

Is there a TCGPrice community somewhere?

We have one of the largest reddit communities for trading card investment apps. Come join us on reddit.

Do I need to pay for TCGPrice?

No, TCGPrice is a free app for iOS and Android We do, however, offer a TCGPrice PRO subscription. TCGPrice PRO is a yearly subscription which packages extra empowering features on top of what TCGPrice already offers. More details about TCGPrice PRO can be found here.

On what platforms is TCGPrice available?

TCGPrice Investment Tracker is available for Android and iOS. You can download mobile app from: