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TCGPrice is the ultimate trading card portfolio application to keep track and find out how much your collection is worth.

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Track exactly how much your collection is worth today with Pokemon Prices updated daily!

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With more than 100,000 cards to collect, you can be sure to find your favourite cardset here.


Collect in 1st Edition, Shadowless, Reverse Holo, Unlimited and more!


Wide range of condition selections to pin point exactly the worth of your collection.


Whether you collect in Chinese, Japanese, French or English - TCGPrice has got you covered.

PSA Support!

PSA cards can be some of the most expensive cards so it's very useful to see just how expensive they can get.

History Tracking

Track the history and growth of your collection over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are your prices?
Unless stated so, every price is 100% correct and backed with real data of exact or similar cards sold online. We search the internet for millions of listings for cards and filter to them to gain the most accurate and authentic representation for a cards value.
Can I create an account for free?
Yes!, you can create an account now and begin tracking your collection by setting your cards Language, Print and Condition. Begin collecting Base Set, Jungle and Fossil at anytime and filter your cards from a range of different conditions.
What trading card games can I collect?
We are always looking to expand our reach, however for the moment we are exclusive to the Pokemon TCG but are looking into expanding into more trading card games in the future. Such titles include Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and American Baseball.
How can I contact TCGPrice?
Contacting us is simple and we encourage whether it be for advice, feedback or (hopefully never) a complaint at [email protected]