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Launching on 25th January 2022

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TCGPrice takes your trading card experience to the next level

Portfolio Overview

A tracker with a clear overview of your total portfolio balance and total profit/loss.

Trading Analysis

Get analysis on your trade history and assets.

Multi Transactions

Add your buy, sell, trade and grade transactions.

Global News Updates

TCGPrice Media provides high quality journalism for all your TCG news.









One app to track all your trading card investments.

Our revolutionary investment tracker app provides an effective way for you to get a clear overview of your investments.

  • Make solid investment decisions based on data.
  • Stay on top of price movements.
  • Detailed trading analysis.
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Meet the Founder

Aymen Bou

❝My trading card investments are outperforming my stocks❞

7 years ago I began investing in the TCG Market purely for one reason, I now had the abillity to do so. I've always loved the Pokémon TCG, but as many collectors who started off young, pocket money would never be able to fill that binder shaped-hole.

Fast-forward 6 years and as my interest in different investment classes grew, so did my responsibility in managing them. Having experience in both Software Engineering (ex-IBM) and Investing (Personal), I set off on what would be the perfect project.

TCGPrice was originally written in my dorm-room 2 years ago as a simple python script that would spit out some interesting financial analysis for individual trading cards.

It started off purely to help me track movements in the market to make data-backed investment decisions. As I added more and more functionality to this program however, it grew into a sizeable platform that I realised could change the entire landscape of TCG Investing.


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